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Let your teams share their critical skills in a blink of an eye with top quality video tutorials!

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My Handover Tutorial


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How it works

Experience a better way of sharing knowledge is the next generation of collaborative learning tool for teams looking to perform.


Record & edit video with our user-friendly online editor & create outstanding tutorials


Share your tutorials with anyone in your company our outside your company to spread knowledge


Engage your teams with interactive & always up-to-date tutorials & handovers

Enable Efficient Online Handovers

Build efficient handovers to guarantee the activity continuity. Secure ongoing leads, customer relationship, complex projects.

Make Sure Processes are Understood & Applied

Build engaging process library to share with the whole team. Make sure your processes or best practiced are shared & understood by everyone.

Shared Feedbacks & Best Practice

Make best practices & success factors circulate fast.
Help top performers share their tips to the rest of the team.

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Share what matters with interactive Tutorials!

A very userfriendly tool to guide your team in efficient collaborative learning.

Video editing interface

😎 Easy peasy

Anyone can be a top talented teacher or influencer in your company thanks to our plain and simple video tutorial editor.

Video reading interface

🤩 Beautiful

Make your internal trainings & documentation look like professional & tailor made online tutorials.

Vdeio tutorial example

🤓 Actionable

Anything you share is meant to be engaging and actionable for maximum impact on your team's performance.

🔐 Safe & Secure

You know-hows are protected & secured thanks to security & privacy by design application.


Stop the loss of critical knowledge

We have a solution for each situation where sharing knowledge is critical

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